4 Mistakes Girls Make When Shopping For a Prom Dress

4 Mistakes Girls Make When Shopping For a Prom Dress

Are you making shopping for a prom dress harder than it has to be?  Avoid these four mistakes and you’ll be off to the dance without a sweat (I mean a sparkle…girls sparkle right 🙂 )…

Get something you are not comfortable in.  Prom is one of the most fun and memorable times of you high school career.  If you are spending half the night worrying about pulling up a dress that’s too low or trying to move in a dress that’s too tight, you will be missing out on half the memories!  When you wear a dress that shows respect for yourself, your date and others will show you respect as well and you will be able to have a genuinely great time.  Do not believe that you have to sacrifice feeling comfortable to have a stylish dress either!  It’s possible to stick to your standards…and easy when you go to the right place. 😉

Go out of your budget.  Prom dresses can cost upwards of $600 these days!  If a dress is something you saved your after-school job money for, then great!  If you go into a dress shop and the prices are a shock to you, don’t convince yourself that you have to spend that much to be able to show your face at the dance.  There are several options:1) Rent your dress from Trendy & True! You can rent a dress for a third or quarter of the cost of the regular price.  And why not if you are just going to wear it once? 2) At Trendy & True, you can also purchase previously worn dresses that are discounted (but still in like new condition).  I love deals! 3) You can also purchase your dress brand new from Trendy & True and STILL get a deal. Because I run my business out my home, I am able to avoid costly space leasing fees and sell gorgeous gowns at the minimum mark-up price.  Come in and see for yourself!

Sew sleeves on (and think it’s going to look like you didn’t). I made this mistake when I was in high school.  That is part of the reason why I started this dress shop.  It was never a question of whether or not I would stick to my religious standards of modesty, but I made the mistake of assuming that I could shop for a strapless dresses and add sleeves to end up with a modest dress as if I had bought it that way.  Easy peasy, right?  Adding sleeves or finding a matching bolero jacket not only takes time and money, but it also compromises the “design” of the dress.   Sewing on sleeves or wearing a bolero can put the dress “out of balance” and just make it look off.  A dress that was designed to have sleeves will result in a much more sophisticated and elegant look.  I applaud those who take the extra mile to make sure their dress fosters confidence and virtue…but you don’t have to “take that mile” with Trendy & True!  Our large selection of modestly designed dresses is a breath of fresh air for daughters and their moms who have in the past spent hours finding or making a dress modest.

Hold out for “the perfect dress.” In anticipation of Prom, you may have formulated your vision of your “dream dress.”  Maybe it’s one you saw in a magazine or online and you are IN LOVE with that color or style.  You spend hours going from store to store searching for it.  Ultimately, you either don’t find it or you discover that you will be paying twice what you expected, plus you have to do alterations.  All the while, you may have missed the dress that really is perfect for you by not being open minded.  What I have discovered over and over is that you don’t know your dream dress until you are wearing it.  The perfect dress is one that is a flattering style on your body, a color that accentuates your personality, and simply makes you feel beautiful inside and out.  When girls come to try on dresses, the ones who just take the time to try on lots of dresses usually find one that they fall in love with…and it’s not always the one they expected.  Trying on takes time, but so does driving around town (or to the next town) searching but not finding.  So come with an open mind and you just might find what you didn’t know you were looking for!

I’d love to help you find you prom dress so book your appointment today with Trendy & True, located in Pocatello, ID!