How to Find the Right Color of Prom Dress for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Right Color of Prom Dress for Your Skin Tone

“What color do you think would look best on me?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get at my prom dress shop. First of all, I never tell someone that they HAVE to wear a certain color or CAN’T wear another color. If you wear the color that you are naturally drawn to…the color you love, you usually can’t go wrong! Even if it doesn’t follow the “rules,” you can rock a color you just feel confident in. It is helpful to have some tips on colors if you are just not sure what you like (you’ll know it once you put in on because it will look so great!). Here’s how to choose the right color for your prom dress based on your skin tone.


Skin Tone Test

If you are still aren’t sure what color your skin tone is, try holding a piece of white paper by your face while standing in natural light.  This will make your skin tone more apparent.  Also take a look at your viens…if they appear to have a greenish hue, the skin tone is warm. If the veins appear to have a bluish hue, that signifies a cool skin tone. If it is hard to tell what color the veins are, then the skin tone is probably neutral. This means that she will look great in almost any color that matches her hair and eyes.

Come on in to Trendy & True and we’ll help you find the right color for you!

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