LDS Baptism Dresses Now Available in Pocatello at Trendy & True

LDS Baptism Dresses Now Available in Pocatello at Trendy & True

I vividly remember by baptism day which was just about two decades ago.  My closest family members were there and even though I was only eight, I knew that I was doing something good.  It set the tone for a life of commitment and learning.  One of my favorite things to do now it to take my own children to baptisms of their cousins and older friends.  They get to experience the special feeling that encompasses all present and the light shining from the child making this first covenant.  I’ve noticed more often that there’s one thing that I didn’t have at my baptism that I feel makes it extra special for young girls on this day…a special white dress.  While not a required aspect and not having one doesn’t make the covenant any less significant, prolonging that special feeling of being dressed in white can emphasize the importance of the day.  

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We are excited to being carrying these darling baptism dresses at Trendy & True in Pocatello, Idaho.  Our styles are beautiful yet simple so as not be distracting.  With over ten different styles to choose from, there’s something to fit your beautiful little girls personality.  Styles sans sleeves can be made beautifully modest with a white bolero jacket, which we also carry in store…no need to go elsewhere searching.

View more styles here and come try them on during our business hours.  Don’t live in Southeast Idaho?  Feel free to give us a call for information on pricing and shipped orders.

I can’t help but think of this favorite song lately.  (By the way, we also have baby blessing dresses, wedding dresses, and starting next week…temple dresses!)

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