LDS Baptism Gift Traditions

I grew up in the LDS church in a family of 7 children. We had a baptism tradition of receiving our own scripture "quad" (a compilation of the Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price).

Our own special gift was extra special because it had our name embossed on the cover!

I used my scriptures throughout my entire childhood, through seminary, and it was only in college that I finally got a new more compact set. I've had that set just as long now but it's not nearly as worn.

To this day, when I want a real spiritual feast, it's my original scriptures that I go back to because they are filled with many markings, quotes, and my scripture stickers. They are a representation to me of my spiritual development throughout my growing up years. They carry so many memories. They are "home" to me.  

In our digital era and with our scriptures available so readily on our phones, I still think it's important to have a physical copy. Here's a couple reasons:

1. My phone is very much correlated with energy draining habits like social media scrolling. When I really want to connect with God spiritually, it's best for me to be anywhere BUT on my phone. 

2. Our children learn by example. When they see us regularly immersed in the scriptures, they get a clearer message. If we're staring at the same screen that we binge watch movies on, will they get it?

3. I'm choosing to wait until my kids are a bit older to bear the responsibility of having their own electronic devices. Thus, the family tradition of a personalized scripture quad will continue! 

Giving our children their own copy of the scriptures can aid them in the lifelong journey of spiritual development, which goes way beyond their baptism day.

What baptism gift traditions do you have?


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