The new parents who are in constant awe and wonder, picking out their little one's first white outfit (holding their breath that there won't be a blowout); the little girl who gives her new white dress a twirl and lights up the room with her eyes; the little boy who stands with his shoulders a little taller with a proud smile on his face; the soon-to-be sister missionary or bride who reverences going to His House for the first time; and the family with the vision of being dressed in white together as they prepare to be sealed.

This is what we are about.

We're about values. We're about love and family. We're about breathing and being present in the little moments. 

Trendy & True started out in 2014 as a local modest prom dress rental shop. We met so many wonderful people who were choosing a value-based life in a retail world that doesn't always support modesty. We eventually expanded to offer more of what LDS and Christian families are looking for...stylish clothing for their special occasions. We're pleased to now offer an exclusive online boutique for baptism and communion dresses, boys suits, and temple dresses. 


We're honored to play a part in enhancing your family's special day!