Eli Zipper Tie
Eli Zipper Tie
Eli Zipper Tie

Eli Zipper Tie

Trendy & True

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Go classy with this textured light peach zipper tie.

Zipper ties are are easy to put on and take off while providing a polished look. Your little man will look his best and you'll love the convenience! 

  • Perfect pre-made knot with a zipper sewn into the small end of the tie
  • Hold the loop and pull on the knot to make the loop large enough to go over the neck
  • Tighten the loop to the perfect degree of snugness by pulling on the small end of the tie and lifting the knot

Color: Light Peach
Fabric: Woven Microfiber
Length: 14 inches
Width: 2.75 inches

Recommended for ages 6-10 years old.
Please inquire to special order other tie lengths.